iTunes 11.0.1 update, released

Just as the new iTunes 11 had been launched some two weeks past, an update in iTunes version 11.0.1 recently rolled out, with bug fixes for certain issues involving AirPlay and iCloud.

Also featuring a range of fixes for various issues and concerns, the new iTunes 11.0.1 also comes with a duplicate tracks elimination tool, along with a bug fix for instances when new purchases in iTunes won’t appear in a user’s active library.

iTunes 11.0.1
As Apple’s leading media-file purchasing and data management suite, iTunes role as synchronization tool for different mobile iDevices has also helped different users organize and manage their digital content.

Famed for being an enhanced music management and purchasing suite, the new iTunes 11.0.1 is also designed to make searches within the iTunes library faster, as well as more accurate.

Essentially designed to come with enhanced iCloud integration, the new iTunes 11 featured a revamped user interface, making it an overhaul version of its previous variants.

As a software offering developed by Apple, iTunes remains to be Apple’s more well known software-service highlights, with links and accessibility means to different device settings, backup options, digital content purchase options and more.

As Apple’s “miss” in its Maps service-software suite has become quite a stigma to the brand’s featured line of services, the release of the iTunes 11.0.1 Update comes as a welcome sign that speaks of Apple’s intent in making up for that particular “miss”.

Given how significant the “Maps scenario” had been for Apple and its users, the iTunes update comes as a speedy resolution to any problems encountered by any of its users.

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