iTunes Gift Cards in Facebook Gifts

As Facebook’s Facebook Gifts has been gaining significant traction, the upcoming holiday season has done well in brining more users to the featured online service highlight, inviting Facebook users to use Facebook Gifts as a means to “celebrate birthdays, new jobs and other big moments”.

Partnering with different retail entities with ecommerce portals, the service recently made waves, now-featuring iTunes digital cards as part of Facebook Gifts’ more notable highlights.

iTunes Gift Cards in Facebook Gifts
With iTunes’ standing as the preferred online avenue for music and album purchases, movies and apps for Apple products, iTunes digital gift cards can be used by electronic consumers as a means for purchasing digital content.

Available in $10, $15, $25 and in $50 denominations, Facebook Gifts users can conveniently get iTunes digital gift cards for friends and family, making it a unique gift item which could be “unwrapped” by its recipients with gusto.

The inclusion and partnership with different ecommerce players comes as a smart move for Facebook, given its active number of active users. Facebook Gifts is among the newest service-oriented highlights of the online social networking giant, announced in an event in New York earlier this month, and though its services are still not available to all Facebook users, it has been announced to come soon as a staple Facebook service.

With the holiday season fast approaching, the premise of Facebook Gifts is one which is greatly welcomed, given the increased convenience benefits it offers to users. Featuring digital gift cards or ecommerce-purchase credit equivalents from babyGap, Brookstone, Random House Inc, and more, the recent inclusion of iTunes has effectively propelled Facebook Gifts as a unique Facebook service.

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