iTunes “Makeover” by the end of 2012?

With factions for, against, and “cannot be bothered to take sides”, Apple has been the focus of a lot of attentions lately, from the release of its iPad 3, the absence of support and updates for the Mac Pro line, and the upcoming release of the next iPhone, sans screens subcontracted by long-time Apple partner, Samsung.

Along with court decisions involving Siri and Samsung’s S III, a new rumor had recently come up, suggesting that Apple has plans on giving iTunes, its industry-changing music manager and online purchase portal, a new makeover by the end of 2012.

The rumors hail from sources with links at Bloomberg, and tells about how the iTunes makeover is positioned to come with iCloud integration, facilitating the quick synchronization of media files and “some sort of new sharing feature.”

Talk is also rife that Apple is currently negotiating with record labels, in coming out with a free-to play feature which somewhat works on a “try before you buy” scheme. A number of opinions note that this move, if proven to be true, is one directed against other on-the-rise online music services like Spotify, which works with ad-supported listening setups.

Given iTunes role in redefining how we listen, collect, archive and buy our music, it has to be said that Apple does have a strong foothold in the music industry. However, as new players are coming in, with features and service highlights which are appealing to subscribers, the iTunes makeover appears to be an initiative by Apple, a strategy, which is aimed in further strengthening Apple’s position in the music industry.

With alternative online music venues like Spotify and Grooveshark, do you think the makeover would actually do what Apple intends it to?

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