iPhone 4S Jailbreak – Doubt and Certainty !

iPhone 4S jailbreak ! iPhone 4S owners are stuck in the paid apps from iTunes and they can’t get any thing from Cydia as they are not jailbroken, they are waiting for any tool for iPhone 4S jailbreak. Who will unleash the iPhone 4s jailbreak ? What’s the release date of the iPhone 4S jailbreak ? Any chances to jailbreak iPhone 4S untethered ? The answers of these questions about iPhone 4S jailbreak are in this post.

Is there any tool for iPhone 4S jailbreak ?

For now there is no way for iPhone 4S jailbreak. Hackers and developers of various underground scene are engaging their forces in order to find a stable solution for the final iPhone 4S jailbreak . As we already know from a few weeks, the Chronic Dev-Team was currently in possession of five userland exploits related to the A5 processor which in the iPhone 4S. Again, for now no way for iPhone 4S jailbreak, so stay away from scammers. And wait for the iPhone 4S jailbreak or any updates here at Smash iPhone.

Who will unleash the iPhone 4s jailbreak tool?

We thought that there is an amazing competition to jailbreak the iPhone 4S as we have iPhone Dev-team,  Chronic Dev-Team and the awesome and the first iPhone hacker GeoHot .

Let’s start with iPhone Dev-team: few days ago the iPhone hacker and the brain of iPhone Dev-team MuscleNerd posted a screenshot shows Cydia installed on iPhone 4S on iOS 5 which mean a jailbroken iPhone 4S. A good step for iPhone 4S jailbreak .

iPhone 4S jailbroken on iOS 5 screenshot :

Chronic Dev-Team : At MyGreatFest (JailbreakCon) the famous iPhone hacker P0sixninja, has announced that they discovered five bootrom exploits for new iPhone (iPhone 4S) on iOS 5. So the iPhone 4S jailbreak will be available on the next version of Greenpois0n .

GeoHot : Actually we didn’t hear any things from Geohot for a while but we just hope that he wasn’t kidding when he said that the next goal will be the iPhone 5 which actually is the iPhone 4S .

Watch the interview of GeoHot (The interview which he mentioned about the iPhone 5  jailbreak) :

iPhone 4S jailbreak Release date :

iPhone 4S jailbreak release date is not confirmed till now. No one announced any information about iPhone 4S jailbreak release date, but we expect to be very soon as the achievement of iPhone Dev-Team mentioned above .So you have to be patient and follow us to keep your self updated .

iPhone 4S jailbreak Untethered or Tethered :

Since it’s a new device so we thought that the hackers won’t release a tethered jailbreak for it, they will work hard to find a stable solution for the final iPhone 4S untethered jailbreak.

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