JailbreakMe founder Comex Called To Work For Apple

The famous hacker Comex has just announced via  twitter that he will be joining Apple as an intern starting from next week.Comex is the founder of JailbreakMe which known as the best and safest jailbreak for Apple Devices.But it is look like that Comex will take a break form working on jailbreak and this is a bad news for jailbreak Community.

Comex said :

So, the week after next I will be starting an internship with Apple.

He supposed to meet with Apple executives on the next week and talking about Comex’s internship period .Also the iPhone hacker and the brain of iPhone Dev-team congratulated Comex for this success .

@comex Congrats on the Apple internship…what a great opportunity!

Now we don’t know what will be Comex’s job at Apple .And what would mean this internship ? May be closing the iOS holes that enable the hackers from releasing the jailbreak tools especially cause Apple will release the iOS 5 on end of September .

Also don’t forget that Comex is the only one who release the iPad 2 jailbreak by JailbreakMe 3.0 and the iPad 2 , and Apple will release iPhone 5 on October with processor A5 like the iPad 2.

Now we hope that Comex’s  internship on Apple  will be for the jailbreak community benefits not the opposite, Stay tuned for more news about Comex’s  intern on Apple.