JamUp Pro for the iOS

As the world’s best Guitar and Bass Guitar multi-effects processor for the iPhone and iPad, JamUP pro has effectively helped countless guitar and music pros accomplish their auditory goals and aims.

Featuring a single amp that is complemented by 6 effects, the suite’s enhanced JamUP PRO XT adds 6 more amps and 16 stomp-box and rack effects, covering mainstay standards like distortion, compression and tape delay, along with spring reverbs and tremolo cues.

With a built-in phase sampler, preset manager and an 8-track recorder, both JamUp and JamUP PRO XT also features a live-view feature, a built-in tuner and a metronome as well.

jamup pro

As it would already go without saying, each of JamUp’s amps are calibrated to measure up to their actual unit counterparts, giving way to truly measured and analyzed effects that are simply cutting edge. Made to satisfy the basic and advanced needs of professionals, the suite also comes with built-in options that simplifies the synchronization of recorded songs with active iTunes Libraries – from where users can further enhance a recorded track’s tone and quality through pitch and tempo adjustments.

Apart from its featured upsides as a multi-effects processor for iDevices, the suite also comes with support for the easy creation, sharing and downloading of custom presets direct from the application itself (via ToneSharing).

With more than 10,000 artists, factory and user presets available in Tone Sharing, music professionals are sure to find a lot to love in the functional upsides they can gain from JamUp Pro for the iOS.

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