Juice Buddy for iPhone Review

As an all in one device, the iPhone has doubtlessly changed the way we get things done in terms of mobile functionality and use, with the ideal features for work and play.

However, as fully-featured as the iPhone is as a mobile, it is notorious for its low battery life cycle, to which a number of alternative “power sources” have come up and about.

The Juice Buddy would be one.

The Juice Buddy – What it can do for you and your iPhone

Designed to be ultra portable, the Juice Buddy is essentially a small portable iPhone charger, ascribed to be the “world’s smallest and most portable” charger of its class.

Made with pop-out type prongs, the Juice Buddy is small enough to be carried around as a keychain, which adds a significant amount of convenience points for iPhone and/or iPod touch users, negating the necessity to carry chargers with them wherever they go, or lugging around USB-charger cables to use with Macs or any other device with a USB port.

Developed with a strong polycarbonate casing and crafted with customized electronic components, the Juice Buddy is an outstanding alternative “power source” for iPhones, with a hidden port for its own charging and recharging purposes.

With a keychain form factor, the removal of its keychain component would reveal a USB port, which can also be utilizing in charging other devices, apart from iPhones or iPod touch units.

Available in a variety of colors including Red, White, Black and a Brushed/Polished Aluminum finish, the Juice Buddy stands to be a smart match to have for iPhone users, with extended functional USB charging capacities for other USB-capable charging purposes.

If you depend on your iPhone for a lot of your day to day tasks, having a Juice Buddy promises to enhance your iPhone experiences to longer batter life stats. No doubt worthy of being added to your favorite iPhone!

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