Lapse It Pro – Time Lapse Pro 1.4

As a unique photography-inclined app for the iOS, Lapse It affords its users with an intuitive means of easily capturing and creating time-lapse photographs using their portable iDevices, allowing them to create unique photo compositions that can’t be readily found anywhere.

Designed to work with the iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 3rd, 4th and 5th Gen iPod Touch, and the iPad, the app is also designed to work with the new iPhone 5, as well as other new variants of the iPad, making it a versatile app geared for the creation of stop motion videos and time lapse photography practices.

Lapse It Pro – Time Lapse Pro
Lapse It Pro – Time Lapse Pro

As it is no secret that advanced photography equipment can be costly, the use of Lapse It Pro in iOS devices affords users with a relatively affordable means of accomplishing unique videos and photo albums without having to break the bank.

Designed to work with iOS versions 5 and above, Lapse It Pro combines a featured set of lapse photography functions, allowing users to trim videos to their particular specifics, adjust an iDevice camera’s default frame rate, and even implement a stop motion mode for unique video effects and transitions.

The app can even be used as a means for inserting different audio tracks for videos, and can maximize the full sensor features of a given iDevice’s camera. Also armed with focus adjustment benefits, the app allows for exposure and white balance control, and also comes with a unique filter set and Tilt-shift effects that truly works for its users’ needs.

Lightweight for an app of its caliber, Lapse It Pro effectively helps iDevice users maximize the use of their mobiles in the creation of unique videos that will truly stand out from the rest.

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