LavaMind’s Beetle Bounce

iDevice owners are sure to love the casual game title value in LavaMind’s Beetle Bounce, a unique arcade game that is calibrated to work well with iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch units.

Developed by LavaMind, the title essentially requires players to find the means of effectively clearing beetles from active playing screens, “leading” them to wormholes in accomplishing their goals – thus its “puzzle game” implications.


Featuring 27 engaging and challenging levels, the title features a wide range of rockets, spiky giants and shooting stars, apart from select playing modes that can be picked by different users at their disposal.

Designed for the iPhone and the iPad, the title isn’t all that fickle when it comes to its basic hardware specification requirements and particulars, standing out as a Beetle Bounce edge that comes as an upside for players.

Combining the featured highlights of arcade and puzzle-themed games all in one, Beetle Bounce raises the bar with where “fusion genre” themed game titles. The title also features a range of in-app interaction features, giving it a social edge that defines it as infinitely engrossing and interesting.

With its latest version highlighting improved gameplay features and additional “tall device support”, the game is calibrated to work with the new iOS 7 mobile OS, and can still work with old gen devices.

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners in search for a game title that is engrossing, elementally simple and all in all engaging will find just what they are looking for in LavaMind’s Beetle Bounce.

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