Lightning, Cracked

Those who had expressed concerns over how Apple’s Lightning Connector would affect the Apple accessories and peripherals arena are in for some “good” news.

Apple’s Lightning Authentication setup, as recent reports would note, had recently been cracked, which essentially means that the age of unlicensed Apple products designed with the connector is bound to come soon.

Lightning, Cracked
Featured during the iPhone 5’s official unveiling last month, the Lightning Connector had been the cause of concern for critics and Apple followers, given that it is the new connection port standard to come with all future Apple product.

Dubbed as an “accessory maker’s and accessory user’s worst nightmare made true”, the connector is described to be “all digital” and “reversible”, bearing a smaller physical size when compared against the previous connection port standard.

Revealed to be faster and more convenient to use, the port has been called a lot of names, with a number of Apple detractors pegging it as a means for Apple to “rake in more loot at lightning speed”. Given that the new connector does render older Apple docks and accessories inept and obsolete, Apple has, however, issued a statement that an adapter for old gen products will be coming out.

With its “cracking”, the prospect of cheaper chargers and cheaper accessories designed to work with the Lightning Connector is one which can not be denied.

As quick as interests over the iPhone 5 had died down after its official unveiling, it appears that proponents responsible for allegedly cracking the Lightning Connector’s Authentication setup are as quick.

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