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Skype has been the most popular messaging app way back in 2003 up to present. Users liked it because of its simplicity and good performance on its basic functions offered, free messaging and free calling. Though the performance is still great, some folks prefer the basic messaging and calling functions.

Teenagers on the other hand, prefer cute messaging apps, thus, the emergence of new apps like LINE, Kakao Talk, and Viber. Though the two are not so basic as well, both vie for cute animated expressions and games on top of the main messaging and calling functions.


LINE offers a cute, free messaging service, however, this is not what’s intended in the first place of its development. During the Tohoku earthquake in Japan, mobile communication was unstable, so NHN created an internet communication service to aid in relief efforts and to provide a communication service for the affected people.

During its release in 2011, it became unexpectedly popular in its home country. Which then spread to neighboring Asian countries, until the app made its way through good reviews in the eastern and western part for techno users.

Now, LINE has become one of the most downloaded apps outside of the games section. Do you and your friends connect through LINE, Kakao Talk, Viber, Skype, or another app?

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