Listen to FM radio on the iPhone

There are many great applications such as Pandora for streaming music on the iPhone, but what if you just want to listen to the plain old radio? Even though the iPhone doesn’t have specific hardware to do so, it’s still possible to stream local radio stations using your data connection.

TuneIn is a cool service for your iPhone, Android, PC and more. It allows you to stream local radio stations over the internet for free. They support all stations of all major cities in the United States. Some Androids like the Galaxy S3 are starting to come with built in FM tuners, but for smart phones, streaming it over the internet is necessary.
One cool thing about this service is that if you like a radio station you wouldn’t normally pick up, it’s available to you with TuneIn. You can listen to radio stations, over 50,000 of them, from around the country.

TuneIn even allows you to listen to police frequencies. You can hear the 911 dispatcher in different parts of the country dispatch commands live. Other iPhone apps (Unlock Unit) allow you to only do one or the other, TuneIn does both.

You can use the free version of this app, or go pro. The only difference is that with the Pro version you can record the radio station you’re listening to for a one-time fee. If you’re on a PC there’s software to record whatever is coming out of your sound card. However, if you’re on a mobile device like an iPhone this is an extremely useful feature.

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