Live Streaming now featured in the new YouTube for iOS App

A new version of the YouTube for iOS was recently launched by Google, featuring a string of in-app performance fixes and modifications, along with the inclusion of new features and functions.

YouTube for iOS AppAt the top of those new features would be the suite’s new support for live streaming, significantly making YouTube for the iOS version 1.3 a major update for the application.

Also featured in the new app would be its capacity to allow users to queue videos for external screen playback, a feature that is matched with a new personalized subscription feed option.

At its core, the new YouTube 1.3’s live streaming feature simplifies the rudimentary processes involved in viewing pertinent and time-bound content. Instances when a user wishes to see an important announcement – the state of the nation address, for example – can be easily resolved with the new live streaming feature.

The new “Send to TV” function in YouTube 1.3 essentially allows for the quick queuing of specific videos for external screen playback, making the process of viewing videos on iDevice-compatible devices quick and easy. The feature also “converts” an iDevice into a remote control for convenient playback options and commands.

While the two new features of the new YouTube 1.3 are impressive, its featured “My Subscriptions” also stands out, allowing users the capacity to quickly access content based on their subscriptions lists.

Designed for iOS-driven devices, the new YouTube 1.3 is compatible with iPhones and iPad units, boasting immersed-in-the-now updates that are relevant in their overall scope as new additions to the YouTube for the iOS Suite.

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