Malware is more of a problem for Android users, not iDevice owners

In what has been likened to Windows’s relationship with viruses and malware bits, a report by F-Secure Labs reveals that malware is more of a problem for Android device users and not so much for iDevice owners.

As one of the world’s leading anti-virus solution providers for mobile devices, F-Secure Labs’ report notes that malware targeting the Android operating system accounts for 136 of the known 149 threats, taking up 91.3 percent of current malware activity affecting mobile devices.

Compared to the last quarter of 2012, the threats affecting the Android operating system accounted for 96 out of 100, a jump from previous reports indicating a 49 out of 74 known mobile threats.

In the case of iOS devices, Symbian devices, Blackberry devices and Windows Phone devices, the threats were pegged to have a growth rate of zero.

A cursory look at the figures would easily note an increase of malware threats and activity targeting and designed for the Android operating system, something which Android-device owners should be wary and be on guard of.

At its core, the report cites that 76.5 of all the discovered threats are aimed at actually fooling users from giving out money, a far cry from the age-old “they only cause damage” views towards viruses and malware bits.

However, just because a large chunk of malware designed for the Android platform doesn’t mean that iDevice owners can afford to be lax in the installation of apps or lax in connecting to just any available Wi-Fi access point, given that cases of identity theft involving the use of an iPad or iPhone have been known to take place in the past.

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