Maps no longer the “most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever”

With Apple’s Maps being one of the brand’s biggest misses of late, the title it was once pegged with – “The Most Beautiful, Powerful Mapping Service Ever” – was recently taken down, along with the posting of Apple CEO Tim Cook apologizing for the said service.

Posted on the Apple Website, a message from Cook reads “We are extremely sorry for the frustration this has caused our customers and we are doing everything we can to make Maps better”, leaving a gaping hole in Apple’s reputation for coming out with quality products and services which set the standards of the arena.

Released in the newest iOS 6 for Apple’s portable/mobile iDevices, Maps was primed to take the place of Google Maps, in a move which falls along the lines of Apple’s penchant for showcasing their software and service products in their devices.

Given the fact that Google does hold quite a huge take of the pie where online mapping services are concerned, Apple can’t be blamed for its intent in trying to take some of that share, though the evident failure of Maps in capturing the enhanced service highlights of Google Maps stood as a disadvantage for Apple’s mapping service.

Though swings and misses are not really all that big a deal for most companies, Apple Maps stands to be a huge blow for Apple, given the brand’s long earned reputation for coming up with the “best-in-class” solutions for different mobile/service concerns.

With no ETA regarding when an updated version of Maps would come out, services such as Waze, MapQuest and Bing will have to suffice in resolving the mapping concerns and needs of iDevice users running on iOS 6.

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