Microsoft Office for the iOS reported roll out by 2013

Microsoft’s Office Suite has long been considered to be the benchmark for office productivity applications and systems, one which has undeniably defined how documents are authored, worksheets are completed, presentations are made and more, using computerized systems, mobile or otherwise.

So when news of an iOS and Android version of the suite came out, it was greeted with a lot of anticipation, but was quickly dismissed by Microsoft.

Microsoft Office for the iOS reported roll out by 2013
In a report hailing from The Verge, the Czech Republic Microsoft Team is quoted to note that mobile device versions specific for the iOS and Android mobile operating systems are to be expected by March 2013. Given how popular mobile technologies, hardware and software, have become of late, the said unveiling of an Office for mobile systems appears to be understandable.

The report’s source notes that native Office versions for Windows Phone, Windows RT, Mac OS, iOS, Android and Symbian will be available, along with a revamped version of Office Web Apps, the cloud-app version of Office.

However, in a conflicting twist, Microsoft is said to have issued an official statement over the matter, quoted to say that “The information shared by our Czech subsidiary is not accurate. We do not have anything further to share at this time.”

Though far from being an actual admission that says there’s not going to be an Office version for mobile system, it appears that there really is something to expect from Microsoft after Windows 8 and Surface.

Office for the iOS and Android, though still fully confirmed, could just be what’s up for Microsoft next year.

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