Mobile monitoring software for the iPhone

Any good IT staff member knows that maintaining a solid computer network begins with gathering and monitoring analytics data to foresee potential problems, improve efficiency, and better respond to problems when they do happen.  Tracking every aspect of a mobile device from CPU speed to wireless connectivity can help you better assist your users.  Tracking the performance of desktops and laptops has been done for many years.  However, now that many businesses use the iPhone and other mobile devices, it’s becoming apparent that some data should be collected about them as well.

Using mobile monitoring for your iPhone, you can check various statistics about mobile devices on a given network.  Memory, CPU, and network usage are all among the things that are tracked and looked at.  You can even log other meta data such as wireless connectivity and battery power for the device.

The monitoring software will display detailed graphs for each user’s device.  This can identify crashed applications, bottle necks, and other device problems.  You can analyze the data and get detailed information about application crashes so the problems can be resolved in the future.
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The network connectivity graph helps you get an idea of how well the device is connecting to the network.  You can identify trouble spots and fix them accordingly.  All this information will be presented on a neat graph for each user the monitoring software is installed for.

Mobile monitoring is fast becoming a necessary part of a business computer network.  As more and more businesses adapt iPhones and other mobile devices for business use, tracking how they perform will become more and more important.  Identifying problems, logging errors, and tracking network connectivity greatly assist IT members in solving everyday problems.

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