Mophie’s Space Pack: More than your average battery case

Making its debut during the course of CES 2014, Mophie’s Space Pack is certainly more than your average battery case.

Apart from providing iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C users with more battery power, the device actually provides access to up to 32 gigs of storage space.

Taking its cue from the brand’s phenomenal line of battery cases designed for the iPhone, the new Space Pack comes with a robust 1700 mAh battery, designed to charge an iPhone’s battery on-the-go, along with either 16 gigs or 32 gigs of additional flash storage memory.

Accessible via PC or through the iPhone itself, the new Mophie Space Pack effectively lives up to the manufacturer’s goals in developing products that are not only sleek in terms of design, but also functional and practical for electronic consumers to have.

mophie space pack

Designed with support for AirDrop and AirPlay, iPhone users now have a new option that adds more data storage space to their devices, a standing which has long been ongoing since the first iPhone went retail.

In retrospect, since the upcoming product – announced to go retail by March this year – has generally received positive feedback, one can’t help but wonder why Apple didn’t think of coming up with its own version of the device, given the positive upsides and truly innovative thinking its overall being evokes.

To some extent, given the features and functions showcased in the iPhone 5S, one can’t help but wonder if Apple is still the innovative company it once was.

What say you? Think Apple’s finally lost its touch?

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