More Activations and Downloads after Christmas Day

It is a well known fact that Christmas Day bodes more Android and iOS activations than any other day, a status that hails after the practice of electronic consumers opening their nifty gadget-gifts.

This year’s Christmas Day stands to be no different, with Flurry noting that there are now more activated Kindle Fire units, Android-based handsets and iDevice (iPhones and iPads).

Given that there is an estimated 260,000 apps which implement Flurry Analytics, the entity is essentially in the position to note more than 90% of device activations and download statistics, churning out figures which stand to be relevant in assessing how many tablets and smartphone users there are now.

Based on its recorded data, there are more tablet activations this year, with Apple’s iPad and iPad Mini leading the list, followed after Amazon’s 7-inch Kindle Fire HD.

Also, Flurry’s data notes that Christmas Day, December 25, witnessed the most number of downloads happening ever, noting that the day bested the download stats of any other day in recorded history.

As 2012 comes to its close, Flurry notes that app download statistics will continue to be at high levels. The expectations are quite high with Flurry anticipating that download stats could exceed a more than 1.5 billion record, even proving to break a new record by shattering the 2-billion download number.

Should download stats actually reach 2 billion, the record would be a first in history.

What say you? Think the influx of new gadgets and gizmos actually set a new record in the history of downloads and activations?

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