MotoHeroz – Bringing the “Side-Scrolling” gaming platform to life

With its fast gameplay factors and its frantic, no-nonsense approach in delivering gaming experiences, MotoHeroz for the iOS by Ubisoft successfully brings iDevice users to the engaging and exiting world of rally racing.

With all the racing games for the iOS out in the market, MotoHeroz has managed to accomplish quite a feat in building up its reputation as a title, with its inherent features and showcased gameplay experiences already being stellar highlights of the game.
The MotoHeroz World

Primed as a “side-scrolling” racing game, MotoHeroz works with real physics-based motion and control dynamics, yielding to real and life-like impacts and effects when players are driving.

With its controls readily accessible through its on-screen function control features, the app is designed to work well with iPhones, iPod Touch units and iPads, with support for multi-player features for more engaging races. Players could either race with other players through their device’s online connectivity features, or simply create a “Friends League” where friends can compete for first place in their own race.

Featuring six different cars and 30 different levels, the game also features “Power-Up” features, 30 hidden treasures, and upgrade levels for each vehicle type to attain, significantly adding to the game’s general fun factor as a title.

Based after the critically acclaimed game for the Nintento Wii console, MotoHeroz for the iOS successfully ports the MotoHeroz world into Apple’s mobile ecosystem, allowing iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users the chance to experience the rally racing world like never before.

Those in search for a side-scrolling racing game that matches up with expectations will find themselves sated with MotoHeroz.

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