Multiple GPU Problems in 2011 MacBook Pros Reported

An influx of reports from owners of circa 2011 MacBook Pro units has recently come up, mostly involving MacBook Pro models built with discrete AMD GPU chipsets.

Based on a 150-plus page thread on the Apple Support Communities forum, the problem ranges from trivial to serious, with some posts even delving into becoming potentially serious concerns.

macbook ifixit graphics

Based on the thread, it appears that there has yet been a resolution to the issues being reported, which mostly cover graphical glitches that arise after the use of graphics-intensive tasks like viewing high definition videos.

The most obvious sign of the problem takes shape in jagged horizontal lines appearing on the screen, essentially pointing to a hardware issue.

Given the fact that a portable computer’s GPU is an important (at times, even irreplaceable) component of any computer system, portable or otherwise, graphical glitches and problems of this nature prove to be a huge headache for users, and are even costly to resolve, particularly without the advantage of an AppleCare warranty.

So far, the issues are attributed to be caused by an aggressive degradation of the GPU itself, with a number of forum members noted to share that replacing their unit’s entire logic board resolved the matter.

A number of reports note that rebooting the unit proved to be effective in “fixing” the problem, but the process hasn’t exactly been a permanent fix. Even a clean reinstall was reported in the forum as a “resolution”, but this, like rebooting, didn’t entirely resolve the matter.

Apple has yet to comment or offer a resolution for the said GPU problem.


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