New Apple app realeased: iTunes Movie Trailers App

We bring to you a new app that has just been released by Apple and has been added to the App Store.This app is called “iTunes Movie Trailers”. as the name suggests it allows users to view trailers of movies that are upcoming or currently in the movie theaters. There is also a display of the movie release dates and the most important of course it shows showing times of the movie you have selected in a theater near you. The app has a section where it lists the top 25 trailers that have been played and also you can create your own list of your favorite trailers.

We know that Apple filed a patent this previous summer for an app that allows the user to buy movie tickets. This is not possible with this particular app, but look that the actual app screen and the patent drawing. See the resemblance, we do indeed think that this will be a future addition to this app.

Want to get it? Click Here.

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