New Evernote to sport Apple’s look and feel

As a pioneer in the development of cloud-driven applications and solutions, Evernote has long been famed for its take on consolidated and synchronized notes taking, matched with nifty features which makes it more than just a notes management application.

In line with the release of a new Evernote version, the famed note-taking app is committed in redesigning the app’s overall look and feel, one which is more inclined to suit with the aesthetic standards found as mainstays in Mac computer systems.

New Evernote to sport Apple’s look and feel
The new Evernote

To implement its “new look” in both iOS and OS X versions of Evernote, the new app is to come with support for Mountain Lion Notification Center integration, as well as feature a card view support for its iOS version.

Also to come with support for TypeAhead, the new Evernote is also inclined to work on the same search and control functions found in iOS and Mac systems, defining the new Evernote as more user friendly and more familiar for those how are at home with the Apple operating system environment.

With the new Evernote to roll out its beta version in the coming week, no specific information to open beta releases are handy, though the possibility of an open beta to roll out before its scheduled launch is one which can not be dismissed.

Either way, as one of the leading cloud-based note management suites for the iOS and Mac OS X, Evernote is soon to be more “Apple looking”, matched with new highlights which are truly built to help users conveniently and easily store any important bit of information.

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