New iDevice Rumor: “iPhone Math”

As the first month of 2013 nears its end, the list of “rumors and leaks” revolving around Apple’s products have already been quite active, with a new rumor in an “iPhone Math” pegged to roll out by June this year.

The rumored “iPhone Math” is essentially part of the ongoing rumors noting that Apple will be launching three new smartphones in 2013, with the said “iPhone Math” positioned as an entry level iPhone option with a 4.8 inch sized screen.

iPhone Math
BrightWire reports that the three new iPhone incarnations will take place in the new iPhone 5S, the entry level “iPhone Math” and an upcoming 12 MegaPixel camera-enabled smartphone to roll out by the last quarter of 2013, in time for the holidays.

As with most “rumors and leaks” features, Apple hasn’t yet confirmed if the reported release schedule is actually true, but an introspective look at how it is mapped out throughout the year stands to be a realistic one. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that this is simply a rumor and shouldn’t be treated as an official announcement from Apple.

The report also notes that Apple will be launching its iTV before 2013 ends, with plans of unveiling seven to eight products, a rumor which also bears a certain tinges of factuality, given that smart TVs have somewhat become an aggressive item among electronic consumers and their households.

What do you think? Think the rumor has Apple’s plans for 2013 figured out. Will an entry level iPhone really be unveiled this June? More importantly, would you get one if it does?

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