New iMacs available online

Though it is true that Apple, as a brand, has been likened to the release and development of smartphones and tablets, the brand is essentially a computer maker, owing its initial release and products to dedicated desktop systems geared for productivity and entertainment.

As such, the release of the new iMacs wasn’t left without its own share of fanfare, with the series coming in 21.5 inch and 27 inch screen sizes.

Redesigned to be physically slimmer, the new iMacs are powered by the latest Core-processor series by Intel, and are backed by the impressive graphic processing unit options by NVIDIA. Also boasting a new set of storage options for users, the new iMacs come pre loaded with OS X Mountain Lion, with immersed support for iCloud and featured support for different mobile products like the iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch and the iPad.

In terms of price, a non-configured variant of the 21.5 inch iMac would tag somewhere around $1,299, while its more costly model configuration takes shape in a 2.7GHz Core i5-powered computer in its 27 inch variant, rating somewhere around $4,300.

As a desktop system, the iMac generally falls in the all-in-one computer category, designed to house essential components of its internal system in one compact clutter-free device.

Apple stands to be one of the early adaptors of the all-in-one computer concept, something which the brand had been developing since the 1990s. In redefining itself by year 2000, innovations in the overall design of the iMac had resulted to the creation of unique desktop systems which don’t only look good, but also boast the specs that allows its users with the chance to get things done.

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