New “iPad Mini” Video Reportedly “leaked”

To the tune of all the previous months’ iPhone 5 rumors and leaks, a video alleged to feature the WiFi only version of the “iPad Mini” circulated in the web last Friday, with the video showing a smaller 7.85 inch tablet sporting iPad design convensions.

The video takes after another previously released video of the fabled smaller sized iPad, with the new video noted to feature certain newer differences in the “iPad Mini”.

Taken from the Mac Otakara blog, an Apple blog in Japanese, the original video features what many concur as a “dummy model” of the “iPad Mini”, with certain hardware profiles noted by many as an indicator for the possibility of the device to-come with cellular phone/mobile connectivity features.

With talk of an “iPad Mini” already at its peak during the anticipation for the release of the iPhone 5, speculations involving the actual possibility of an “iPad Mini” had been a hot topic for countless online circles.

Though the interest over the “iPad Mini” have dwindled since the official unveiling of the iPhone 5, rumors note that late October appears to be the date to watch out for, with talk about an “iPad Mini” release scheduled to come out by then.

Given how the iPad had actually propelled the tablet market into actual fruition, the scaled down version of the tablet series is considered to be a gadgetry landmark, though not everyone is convinced about how much of a powerhouse player the item would be once it hits the market.

With the number of misses Apple has had of late, from the release of the iPad 3 to the subsequent criticisms directed towards iOS 6 (particularly on Apple’s Maps), interests revolving around the “iPad Mini” haven’t been as strong when compared against the iPhone 5, prior to its official unveiling.


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