New iPhone to come out by August?

Given the iPhone’s standing in the mobile gadgetry industry, anticipation over the next generation iPhone is one that has been in high in volume of late, especially when the said “traditional new release period” of Apple is nearing.

Having made it a habit to release new products within September and October, a number of unverified rumors have been circulating, claiming that the new iPhone is slated for its official announcement come August 2012.

If the rumors about the slated new iPhone release would prove to be true, matching it with Apple’s tradition of releasing new products a week after an announcement would mean that the next generation iPhone will be out by August or September 2012, a couple of months earlier than its previous “traditional new release period”.

The next iPhone is rumored to come with a 4-inch sized screen, and is slated to sport a new processor and 1 GB RAM. Apart from hardware updates, it is also slated to come with the latest iOS 6 mobile operating system, which is slated to come with over 200 new software highlights, including built-in Facebook integration and an enhanced Passbook management software set.

As already said, the reported August-July release of the next iPhone are only based on rumors circulating around the net, and should not be treated as an official release schedule from Apple.

Apart from the early release rumors of the new iPhone, a smaller-sized iPad, already called the “iPad Mini” by netizens, is also another hot topic among Apple-gadget circles and mobile tablet forum sites, with a lot of questions pertaining to the specifications and features of the “iPad Mini”, apart from its reported 7 inch sized screen.

All in all, even before it has come out, the new iPhone is already causing some stir.

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