New iWork works better with MS Office

As more and more iDevice users – including Apple smartphones, tablets and computer systems – are using their gadgets for productivity-inclined tasks, the new iWork (version 9.3) comes with better integration features with Microsoft’s productivity-centered products, as well as additional support for iOS-versions of the suite.

Given the fact that Microsoft’s Office Suite takes a paramount role in global office productivity software solutions and standards, the tighter integration of iWork and iWork for the iOS isn’t really strange when one thinks about its practical logic, allowing better integration of documents, spreadsheets and presentations between different networks, workstations, operating system platforms and productivity suites.

With enhanced support compatibility with Microsoft Word, the new Pages comes with enhanced support for mobile versions of the application, developed for iPhones and iPads. Numbers also features enhanced compatibility support for Microsoft Excel, along with inter-platform support for Numbers for Macs and Numbers for iOS devices, as the same goes with the new Keynote, boasting improved functionality and compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint.

As a brand, Apple’s devices, more specifically its portable gadgets, have long been synonymous with entertainment, with the iPod playing a crucial role in the way music is being received and delivered to consumers today.

Though to say that productivity hasn’t been Apple’s strongest suit would be a huge misnomer, the user experience typically offered by Apple has mostly been inclined towards the lifestyle aspects of tech, save perhaps Apple’s link with the creative industry.

Either way, hardcore professionals who use Apple’s products in churning out reports and documents will find the new iWork riddled with features developed for inter-compatibility with Microsoft’s Office Suite.

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