new jailbreak tweak brings multiply users accounts to the ipad called iusers with video

If you have iPad and wants to share it with other devices with different accounts  in your home or your work or even in the same place you are sitting at this jailbreak tweak what you looking for

This jailbreak allow allow different users to have diffident home screens and different apps and diffident logs and all protected by 4 numbers pass code as you will see in the video its a really easy process and wont take long time just type on “select a user to log in” from their you will be able to tap  on your own name and insert your pass code and it will be working in a moments ,Once the device is powered on, users can log out by clicking on a new “switch user” icon next to the “slide to unlock” slider.


If you want to give this one a go, you will need to add an additional repository in your Cydia settings

you also can see how to jailbreak your ipad to start this process at once from here

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