New Lumia to be unveiled this May 14

While Samsung has long been established as Apple’s main rival when talking about smartphones and tablets, former industry leader Nokia is still not out of the fight, though its standing as a one of the leading brands has been widely questioned in the past couple of years.

New LumiaWorking with Microsoft in churning out its Windows Phone-based Lumia line, the Finnish company recently announced the upcoming unveiling of a new Lumia model this May 14, in an event set to take play in London.

Various media representatives note that they had been invited to witness the continuation of the “Nokia Lumia story”, inviting them to “see what’s next”. At the top of speculations on the new product unveiling involves the Lumia EOS line, along with the reported Lumia 928.

Considering that Stephoen Elop, CEO of Nokia is reported to have declined to give out any details regarding the Lumia 928 in a reported interview last month, netizens have been quick in assuming that the Lumia 928 is most likely to make its debut on the upcoming May 14 event.

As a brand, Nokia had been quick in rolling out new entry level class models of its Lumia series, whose low rated specs aren’t exactly a downside given their reasonably priced prices.

While the company has yet to roll out its answer to premium rated models like Apple’s iPhone 5, the upcoming May 14 event may just be the day when Nokia’s bet against the iPhone 5 would make its debut.

Still, with Apple rumored to be rolling out a new iPhone model soon, the aspect of Nokia being late in the game has once again been talked about in various forums and sites.

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