New Tumblr for iOS comes with 17+ content warning

Cult of Mac recently featured an article, touching up on how app and service combined online entities like Tumblr are giving Apple’s views on “age-restricted materials” more focus and emphasis.

Based on the article, a new Tumblr for the iOS app (version 3.2.4) recently rolled out with a new pop-up box, requiring its users to confirm that they are above 17 years old.

New Tumblr for iOS comes with 17+ content warning
Though it is not clear if Apple had required Tumblr to implement the said 17+ content warning in the new app version, countless netizens are convinced that its implementation is borne from the recent string of apps and their alleged connection to adult related content.

Image sharing apps such as 500px and ISO500, along with the short video sharing app Vine, had been the subject of a lot of attention lately, and the inclusion of a 17+ content rating in the new Tumblr is perceived to have similar ties with the “issues” faced by the above mentioned apps.

Apple’s App Store has long held a strict policy with regards adult-content, prohibiting the distribution of nude or pornographic content through the online venue. The apps mentioned above are alleged to have violated Apple’s policy on nude and/or pornographic content, resulting to different arguments and discussions regarding the apps, Apple’s App Store and adult-related material, in general.

The new Tumblr for iOS’ new 17+ content warning is presumed to be a preventive means delving into the subject matter, requiring users to be responsible when it comes to utilizing the app/service.

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