New York Metropolitan Transit Authority release train-locating app for iPhone and iPod Touch

The New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) recently released an app for iOS devices called MTA Subway Time, designed to provide detailed information on the arrival schedules of trains to users.

Based on a report from the New York Times, the MTA had spent significant time and funds in implementing a real-time digital tracking system, rated to have totaled $228 million in a span of 11 years.

The application, designed for iOS devices, essentially taps onto the real-time location tracers of trains, thereby conveniently providing detailed descriptions and information regarding arrival times and departures.

Given the underground nature of trains, which essentially translates to technical difficulties and considerations when talking about wirelessly tracking them in real time, the new app proves to be effective in helping commuters prepare themselves for delayed trip schedules, re-routing schemes and any other changes involving payments and tickets.

Though far from complete, the lines now featured with “full support” includes lines Numbers 1 to 6, along with the 42nd Street Shuttle. Lines L (in Between Brooklyn and Manhattan’s 14th street and the Number 7 Line) are still undergoing compatibility upgrades for the new system, while the Number 7 line is forecasted to be set and ready for the new system by 2016 or later.

As an application, the new featured app is not only limited to iOS devices, since there are Android and Windows Phone versions of the app currently in the works. However, unlike the iOS version of the app, the other platform variants are slated to be developed by third-party companies.

Those who are interested in giving the new app a go can find it in Apple’s App Store.

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