Newsstand Comes to Life

We poster earlier that “Wired” was the first magazine on the Newsstand app for the iOS 5, we have recieved reports that the app is now live. We found that a “Store” button has now appeared in the Newsstand. If you click on the button it will take you to a list of all the magazines and newspapers available, you will be able to filter this list by Featured or Release Date. You will find that there is around 120 digital publications that are prepared especially for the Newsstand app.

The Newsstand app is a special folder that is n your iOS 5 device and as you can see in the image above it takes the shape of a wooden newsstand and it keeps all your subscribed magazines and newspapers in a digital form. Note that publishers will replace the old publications with new ones otherwise if you think about it all the space will be filled with old publications and you will not be able to download the new ones. When you update the publication using the App Store or using iTunes the new version will be automatically placed in your Newsstand folder. Simple really!

The Newsstand folder acts as a smart folder, it picks up any compatible document and moves it to the folder. However, it is worth remembering that the new publications will not be downloaded unless you have authorized the download of course. The content of the Newsstand can be managed by the delivery settings on a per-app basis in the Store section of the Settings app.

If you don’t see the Store button yet in the Newsstand app, try restarting your iPad



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