Next iPod nano slated for a facelift too

With everyone focused on the next iPhone and the said release of the “iPad Mini”, the next iPod nano is also one product that is due for a facelift, as also reported by various sources.

Rumors tell of a major redesign on the new iPod nano’s form, said to come in a rectangular screen with a home button which is similar to the form of the iPhone. Also, the new iPod is said to come with its own iTunes service/app, made to facilitate the easy management and purchase of music.

With reports based on a Macotakara feature, “a reliable Chinese source” is noted to mention that the new iPod nano is slated to come out in conjunction with the official release of the next iTunes version (fall this year).

In terms of screen size, the new iPod nano is ascribed to have a smaller 3.5 inch screen, but bears a home button much like its larger cousins in the iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone.

In 2010, Apple opted for a square shaped iPod nano, which featured a multi-touch screen as the device’s primary user interface. Designed with a clip at the back, the 2010 iPod nano made it the perfect music device for active users, who could easily clip the portable player on clothing while jogging or running.

The new iPod nano, the rectangular one that’s said to come out soon, is said to NOT have that clip at the back, though it is described to be thinner and lighter.

The last quarters of 2012 is starting to look like an interesting time for Apple and Apple advocates, with a number of iDevices and software bits slated for release. Though most of these releases are pegged as rumors, if things go as rumors tell, the upcoming months would see Apple release  the new iPhone, the “iPad Mini”, the new iOS 6, an updated iTunes, updates on iCloud and iWork and the new iPod nano.

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