Nokia’s “Here” now available for the iOS

As Apple had raked in negative criticisms and sentiments from its in-house mapping service/app known as Maps, different iDevice users have opted for alternative options, with the web version of Google Maps being the popular alternative of choice.

With Nokia recently unveiling its “Here” mapping software for the iPhone, iPad and select iPod units, those who find accessing the online version of Google’s Google Maps may want to give the HTML-5 driven mapping solution.

Announced a week prior to its unveiling last Tuesday, Here is designed with online and offline functionalities, with featured public transportation guides and walking directions for mobile users, going beyond the basic directions-only approach featured in software product services of its class.

Well aware of how technology has become crucial as a means of locating venues, Nokia, in its focus on location technologies, sticks to Here’s development as it stands to be a clear example of how technology engages real world needs and requirements.

Essentially, Here is considered to be the first app of its category after Apple Maps. Given the way Maps had been a huge flop, and given how Apple had decided to move away from Google’s Google Maps service, Here is basically an ideal alternative to Maps, one which is primed in helping iPhone, iPad and iPod users find their way.

As more and more electronic consumers are going digital with their mapping options and solutions, Here comes as a welcome app for iDevices, one that is aimed to take after the weak points found in Apple’s Maps.

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