Now iPhone can read glucose level in the blood with nanosensor tattoo

Every day we discover new field you can use your iPhone in its not just for calling or communicating with people or even for fun and entertainment you can use it in work or to guide to something and even in medical issues,

Yes thats true now iPhone has a medical using too it could be easy and safe way to read blood glucose level a research team at Northeastern University has developed a method of reading blood glucose levels with an iPhone and a nanosensor tattoo.

The team’s method works this way: they inject a patient with subdermal nanoparticles containing “fluorescent dye, specialized sensor molecules…and a charge-neutralizing molecule.” The molecules attach to glucose, release ions, and alter the glow of the nanosensor tattoo based on the relative amount of glucose.

While the initial device for reading the tattoo’s glow was a big ugly box, one of the team members apparently outfitted an iPhone case with LEDs and filters to do the job. According to our sister site Engadget, the team is also looking at a way to measure blood sodium (associated with dehydration) and oxygen levels with iPhones and apps. You never thought that your iPhone would be an early-generation medical tricorder, did you?



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