Octa Core HTC One Leaks

Samsung isn’t the only smartphone manufacturer implementing an eight-core processor in their phones. In late September, a report leaked that HTC is producing a variant of its hot selling smartphone, the HTC One. This new phone will feature an octa-core processor, according to the leak on Tech Community, a Greek technology website. The leak was distributed via a screenshot that showed the device’s About screen on which Octa-core is indicated under the device’s CPU section. So what does this mean for the phone in terms of performance?

What is an Octa-core Processor?

Octa Core HTC OneAn octa-core processor is simply a processor with eight cores, or central processing units. The more cores a device has, the faster the overall speed. This means that the new HTC One will be able to run more processes at the same time, and they’ll run faster than ever before.

Are Other Improvements Planned for the Phone?

You can also see from the leaked screenshot that there are 3GB of RAM rather than the usual 2GB that the original HTC One has. Additionally, software enhancements, such as clearer audio for phone calls, music and videos will be made. Like other smartphones in the same class, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, the new HTC One variant is expected to be protected by Gorilla Glass 3. It is rumored that they’ve added more antennas to support more networks across the United States, Europe and Asia. The screen size will remain the same, as will the camera and the battery.

How Does the New Variant Stack Up Against the Old?

The HTC One currently available on the market has a 4.7-inch screen with full HD display. The quad-core processor runs the current version of the phone, and it has 2GB of RAM. When it launched, it had Android 4.1 installed along with a new version of Sense UI. This new variant will have a processor with two times as many cores. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be two times as fast, but users should see a significant improvement in speed and the phone’s ability to handle multiple processes. The upgrade from 2GB of RAM to 3GB will also improve the phone’s performance and ability to better handle multiple applications running at the same time. The Clear Audio addresses a complaint that is common from current HTC One users about voice and sound quality. As far as the screen goes, current models have Gorilla Glass 2, which is hard to break, but Gorilla Glass 3 is even more durable.

The Tech Community site revealed that this new HTC One might be announced along with the HTC One Max tablet. So far, there has been no official word from HTC as to whether these rumors are true or when the device will be released to the public. According to Richard Querrey from contractphoneswithfreegifts.com, if the rumors are true, HTC One users will have a much better experience with the updated version of the phone than they’ve had with the flagship version.

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