Office for the iPad alleged to rollout before its Windows 8 Version

It’s no secret that Microsoft has recently lost its once-prominent standing the consumer electronic realms, yielding to today’s popular range of mobile operating systems, tablets and smartphones. A new rumor delving into a new version of the company’s hit Office productivity suite drives this point further.

Based on different reports from ZDNet, it appears that the iPad iteration of Office – codenamed Miramar – is expected to likely first rollout than the Windows 8-specific version of the suite.

Codenamed Gemini, the Windows 8 version of Office is attributed to take a “touch first” stance in terms of its overall use and functionality, with different reports noting that the said version of the product is expected to be made available within the year.


However, the for-iPad version of the suite has been rumored to be in development for a while now, and when matched with the sentiments of different Microsoft executives, is expected to be launched first when it is ready.

With a huge chunk of the new Office for the iPad’s rumors dating as early as last year, it is assumed that the iPad version’s development is more advanced than its Windows 8 counterpart – a rumor that appears to be more likely, considering the fact that there are more iPad users than Surface users.

Though the stated release of Office for iPad is still not clear with exact release dates and particulars, it is speculated that the said Office for iPad will be made available within the first two quarters of 2014, and is expected to work on the subscription based business model.

Wait… isn’t that Office 365?

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