On the iPhone 5S Rumor: Let’s Just Keep Our Fingers Crossed

Just when the iPhone 5 was released about two months ago, rumors are now going on that Apple is preparing for a trial test production of the iPhone 5S this December and will be released shortly after sometime in the early of 2013. So, for those out there who are still saving some cash for a Christmas gift to yourself, you may want to hold-off that idea for a bit due to this update.

This might be surprising since Apple is usually known to at least give a year for a new product or device to grow in the market and this time, if things will work out, it will only be about six months or so. According to an article from Tapscape, “The China-based Commercial Times estimates that full commercial production of the iPhone 5S will begin during the first quarter of 2013. During December, the firm is expected to create between 50,000 and 100,000 units. Part of the reason may be that the fragile parts of iPhones cause some of the devices to break when they are shipped.”

iPhone 5S Rumor
What is the repercussion of this news, possible or not, to the market as a whole? Will it create a wait- and-see attitude among potential buyers resulting to low turn-out of sales? How far can customers wait in order to buy what they have always dreamed for? Would this scenario build an uncalled for insecurity and unsure purchasing powers on the part of Apple customers?

With these humdrum of questions, one can only tell when the final iPhone5S would be released when there is an official statement from Apple. Until now, it will continue to become hearsay without much basis. However, it would surely cause some reactions on early iPhone 5 buyers, much to their dismay. Annoying it may seem to be, iPhone 5 users can just wish for the best, that the iPhone 5 stays longer, wishing to outsmart the others with a great buy and not making the iPhone 5 appear to be hurried and rushed. So, let’s just keep our fingers crossed!

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