Online Apple Store Features Lighting-to-micro USB adapter

When word of the iPad Mini already available online came about, word of Apple also featuring a Lightning Connector to micro USB adapter didn’t get to gain significant attention – but this doesn’t mean that the device isn’t available.

Released on the same day the iPad Mini’s pre orders were being accepted, Apple finally rolled out a line of its official Apple-branded Lightning Connector to micro USB adapters, with the item designed to allow iPhone 5 users, iPad Mini users and the newest iPod Nano and iPod Touch users a means for directly connecting their iDevices to their computer systems.

Online Apple Store Features Lighting-to-micro USB adapter
Capable of charging and syncing iDevices, the new Lightning port to micro USB adapter is defined as a device which allows users to charge their portable gadgets without the use of dedicated chargers, as well as readily access concerns over inter-connectivity between computer systems and “Lightning enabled” devices.

The Lightning Connector stands to be Apple’s current port standard, featuring an all-digital design that makes its use “reversible”. First officially unveiled during the official iPhone 5 launch, the connector has been reported to be found in new production older gen iPad units, defining it as Apple’s truly new connector port standard across its diverse range of featured products.

As a product, the new adapter comes with a non-cable based design, and is also primed in sparing Apple iDevice users from having to stock up on different chargers or sync cables for their gadgets.

Bearing the aesthetic standards Apple is known to feature in all of its products, it is quite nifty to have as a means of inter connecting different gadgets to computers.

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