Opera Ice for the iOS to roll out by Feb

Developed to suit the navigation and user interface needs of smartphones and tablets, Opera recently unveiled a beta version of Opera Ice, a new mobile browser built specifically to enhance mobile browsing experiences.

WebKit-based, the new Opera Ice is geared in reducing the “clutter” typically experienced when browsing with iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. Well aware of a mobile device’s limited screen real estate space, the browser is full touch based, and it essentially comes with a minimalist main browsing screen that can be navigated through taps and gestures.

opera software
Opera’s move in the development of Opera Ice is attributed to Opera’s aims in making ends meet in today’s fast-changing mobile market and mobile industries. Given the fact that there are more and more smartphone brands developing different smartphone models, its release is positioned to readily address mobile browsing concerns with relevant interface control options and solutions.

Though there is nothing significantly wrong with the mobile Safari app found in iOS-driven devices, the prospect in having Opera Ice in mobile iDevices has been anticipated, considering how Opera’s demo videos of the product have been the subject of a lot of attention.

Also to come in versions for Android, Opera Ice is expected to be released by February, with its desktop version expected to also roll out by March.

If you’ve been thinking about ditching Safari and going for other mobile web browsers, the soon-to-come arrival of Opera Ice may just be the Safari alternative that you’ve been waiting for to come.

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