OS X Lion 10.7.1 Now Available Directly From The Mac App Store

As you know Apple had released Version 10.7.1 of OS X Lion fixes several bugs and compatibility issues.

Lion has just now been updated to version 10.7.1 in the Mac App Store, and this news indicates a system for how Lion updates will most likely be pushed to users from now on.

Due to the fact that OS X Lion was the first OS to only be initially available in the Mac App Store, users wondered if Apple would push updates to the OS X Lion in the Mac App Store exclusively, or in both Software Update and the Mac App Store.

Lion has been updated in the Mac App Store today, while the same update was pushed in Software Update yesterday. This indicates a pattern that Apple will most likely push delta updates to users through Software Update first, and then update Lion in the Mac App Store shortly after.

While you can still download Lion as a 4GB installer from the Mac App Store for $29.99, Apple is also offering Lion USB install disks for $69.