Otterbox Cases Ready For Both iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S .. Or Not?

It was leaked a few days ago that the Apple’s case manufacturer, Otterbox, has made 3,000,000 cases for the still to be launched iPhone 4S. The number seemed a bit high. Earlier today, Otterbox, is in the news yet again! They showed a banner ad on their official website implying that we will see the presence of the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S next month. But we think that rather than an insider’s tip might in fact just be a tease.

While speaking to TUAW, Otterbox themselves say that they are not sure whether Apple intends to launch one iPhone or two next month. They explained that the ad was only reflecting a conversation that was going on in the blogosphere.

Also we were told that, “What was circulating yesterday was not a case image for the iPhone 4S but a packaging design.” Otterbox has not yet identified the source of the photos.

Finally this means that Otterbox HAS NOT made 3,000,00 iPhone 4S cases, they are still designing packing and trying to get the cases ready as soon as possible after Apple makes desperately awaited launch next month.

Via CultOfMac