P0sixninja "challenge" GeoHot: new to the jailbreak of theiPad 2?

In a recent message appeared on Twitter, @p0sixninja, author of GreenPois0n, announced that he had “challenged” GeoHot (it is assumed by sending an e-mail) to dump the botroom of the iPad 2 first.

With this move, the young hackers seeking to obtain a valid “enemy” with which to work, albeit on different tracks, the jailbreak of the iPad 2.

I wonder if GeoHot accept or not. It will certainly be interesting to see if the suit against Sony has had its downside for George or not.

However, his genius remains unique and probably the jailbreak of the iPad 2 could be completed in much less time thanks to the collaboration between P0sixninja, the Dev-Team and GeoHot.

UPDATE: According to reports from p0sixninja always, GeoHot would accept the challenge, saying he does not have an iPad for testing but will buy it as soon as possible.

In short, the jailbreak of the iPad 2 could become reality thanks to GeoHot!



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