Playboy’s new app for the iOS platform features clothed models

As a “workaround” to the strict anti-pornographic content terms of Apple’s App Store, the internationally known Playboy Magazine features something new in its recently launched iOS application – clothes.

Subscription-based, the Playboy for iOS app essentially works on crafting Playboy-content which are steeped in being whimsical, romantic or sexy, doing away with the nude model images Playboy has become known for.

As an app, the new Playboy for iOS collects the articles and editorial content featured in the magazine, essentially making it a Playboy reader application that proves to offer subscribers with the non-nude content showcased in publication.

For those who are more drawn to Playboy’s more… lively and dynamic pictorials and photo ops, the app comes with categorized features, including Miss Social, God Given Gorgeous, and Playmate Redux. The app’s categories also include Me In My Place, which essentially focuses on celebrities and top names in the general entertainment biz.

While Playboy is widely considered to be one of the biggest “nudie mags” in the world, the title actually hosts an eclectic range of well written articles written by internationally well respected authors.

Also famous for its interviews, Playboy has certainly built a niche in putting countless celebrities on the spotlight, with interesting questions and equally interesting responses being showcased to a wide audience.

With its new Playboy for the iOS app, Playboy has effectively dealt with the limits imposed on publications of its class, proving to the world that it is more than just about nude females.

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