Pocket for the iOS gets a substantial update

At its core, Pocket stands out as a digital content reader and management suite for mobile devices, made to help its users gain quick access to different content and media.

Formerly known as “Read It Later”, the service recently rolled out a substantial update for iOS users, going beyond its capabilities as a digital content reader, storage and syncing service.

Pocket for the iOS gets a substantial updateNow with social network functionality, the new Pocket Version 4.5 also allows for in-app sharing for users, allowing friends to share content to other iOS device users.

With a new “Send to Friend” option and a new set of “friend shortcuts”, the suite essentially affords for better content/in-app sharing from within, making it more than just a digital content reader and manager.

A new “Share Menu” is also among the highlights of the new Pocket 4.5, bearing a unique “content management system” that keeps track of shared content and other user-related activities.

Naturally, Pocket 4.5 users can post comments to shared content like videos and images. Apart from the suite’s sharing features and functions, bug fixes and performance enhancements also populate the new Pocket’s updated features roster.

At its core, the new Pocket 4.5’s sharing features steers away from depending on popular social media tools/entities like Facebook and Twitter, allowing users to simply share content from within the suite.

While this may not exactly come as a big thing for a number of users, particularly those who spend a lot of time in Facebook and Twitter, it certainly does stand out as one of the new Pocket’s more noteworthy innovations.

Have you tried the new Pocket version 4.5 already?

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