Poll reveals that the iPhone is the most valued smartphone in emerging markets

Amidst all the talk of Apple losing its touch with the latest iPhone handsets, the results of a poll conducted by Ovum and Upstream reveal that the iPhone is still the most valued or most wanted smartphone in emerging markets.

Conducted in Vietnam, Nigeria, India, China and in Brazil, the results of the poll were recently featured in a Bloomberg report, and shows that the iPhone is the most desired among smartphone models to date, raking in a 32% rating.

It is followed by Samsung’s 29%, then by Nokia’s 13%.

Based on last year’s poll results, Apple has managed to out-rank Samsung as the most desired brand in emerging markets this year, considering that 32% of last year’s respondents wanted a Samsung phone.

asians want iPhone

Last year, Apple raked in a 21% rating.

When the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C were launched last year, the Cupertino-based company positioned the 5C as the less-costly iPhone option for emerging markets.

Though the results of the poll reveal that Apple has accomplished something in being the most desired smartphone in developing nations, the 5C is still described to be an expensive smartphone option when compared to its Android-driven counterparts.

To be clear, the poll only looked into what electronic consumers based in Vietnam, Nigeria, India, China and in Brazil want, and not necessarily what they bought.

Still, the recent figures – particularly how Apple outranked Samsung – says something about how the iPhone continues to be the most valued smartphone option in the mobile devices space/industry.

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