Preorder iPhone 4S – International iPhone 4S Shipping Pushed Back 1 to 2 Weeks

Pre-orders for the iPhone 4S seem to be working fine and everyone is happy with the pre-order system, however on the international front there seems to be a problem. Reports have told us that Apple has pushed back he shipping estimate for the iPhone 4s to 1 or 2 weeks. This delay is instead of the announced date which is the 14th of October. The shipping dates have now slipped to an uncertain delivery date for international customers.

Apple stores in Canada, the UK, France, Germany, and Australia have had their delivery dates pushed back. The iPhone 4S became officially available for pre-order only a couple of days ago.

The Apple online store and carriers of the iPhone 4S, took about an hour to become ready for functionality after the time that was announced at the last Apple’s event. As soon as it was in operation a huge number of traffic hit the websites which lead to several website crashes. The traffic bottlenecked on and the carrier websites which lead them to clock many customers until there was less traffic.

MacRumors was quoted:

“Apple eventually shut down its iPhone pre-order system for a brief period of time, bringing it back up to issue reservations that would allow users to return later to verify eligibility and select their service plans. Apple has begun notifying users who placed early reservations that they may now return to to complete their orders, and that they must complete the process by 5:00 PM Pacific Time tomorrow in order maintain their priority order status.”

We have been told that the unlocked version of the iPhone 4S will be available in November.


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