Redmatica now owned by Apple?

An Italy-based blog recently reveals that Apple is well on its way in purchasing Redmatica, an Italian software development entity which develops software bits inclined for music editing.

Italy’s antitrust regulator, AGCOM, backs the blog’s report via its recently published bulletin, which details and indicates Apple’s purchase intentions.

Based in Correggio, Redmatica is defined as a “start up” company, and has compiled a number of programs for music editing, including AutoSample, ProManager, GBSammpleManager and Keymap Pro.

The company is based in a small town located within the Emilia-Romagna areas in Italy, and has developed for-Mac operating system apps, with compatibility features with Apple’s GarageBand app, Kontakt 3, Kontakt 3, and ESX24.

If Redmatica really is now owned by Apple (or is well on its way into becoming an Apple asset), the acquisition would most likely beef up Apple’s GarageBand app, along with Redmatica’s seamless integration into Apple’s Logic Pro team.

Being a consumer-inclined app, GarageBand is one of Apple’s more popular apps, with versions for Mac computer systems and portable iOS devices.

Regarding the cost of Redmatica’s purchase, analysis and reports tell that it couldn’t have hurt Apple much in terms of expenditures. With Redmatica’s revenue figures pegged to be no higher than €100,000 (annually) and with income figures set at €26,000, if Apple did or is buying Redmatica, it’d have been/be a non-costly purchase.

With more than $100 billion stockpiled cash assets, Apple is well within the position to embark on new acquisitions, geared to strengthen its offered software and hardware highlight offering to the public.

If it is true that Redmatica is now Apple’s own, one can’t help but wonder what Apple’s intentions are in beefing up its music editing software inclinations.

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