Regarding the new iPod Touch

Amidst talk of the said release of the “iPad Mini” this month, Apple is said to have released its digital user manual for the new iPod Touch – the 5th generation model of the “iPhone sans phone” gadget to come from Apple.

Falling in conjunction will that release, an alleged benchmark of the new iPod Touch is said to rate it at a processor clock speed of 800MHz, essentially making the 5th generation gadget as no different than the iPhone 4S’ rated processor capabilities.

new iPod Touch
With the report hailing from the Mac Otakara blog, the report reveals that the A5 system chip, or a based-on variant of the chip, will be found in the new iPod Touch, matched with the use of the Cortex-A9 architecture by ARM.

The report also notes that the new iPod Touch will feature a screen resolution rated to be 1,136 x 640 pixels, which is pretty much the same with the screen resolution featured in the new iPhone 5.

In terms of battery power, the iPod Touch is also pegged to come with a 930mAh battery (3.7 volts output), which is pretty much noted to be apt for the device, given the fact that it is not developed to highlight cellular/mobile communication hardware features and functionalities.

Questions have long been thrown at the iPod Touch, with many branding the product as a “scaled down version of the iPhone”. Given the series’ physical similarities with the iPhone’s look, save the latest bigger sized iPhone 5, such assumptions can be pegged as understandable.

Though far from being a portable media player industry game changer, the iPod Touch’s following is quite solid, considering that it does come with Apple’s famed iOS and its WiFi connectivity highlights.

What’s in store for the new iPod Touch, however, in terms of how well it would do as a portable media player, we will have to wait and see.

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